Luis Mantilla

Hi there 👋
This is my personal website. I’m a physicist and mathematician studying the intersection of machine learning and physics.
You can find more about myself here👇

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About me

My name is Luis Mantilla Calderon. I was born in Spain and raised in Colombia. I recently moved to Canada for my graduate studies.Currently, I am working on:

  • Orion: Distributed computing for AI models

  • Physics4ML: Understanding the physical limits of intelligence

  • MentPy: Python simulator for MBQC


  • Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Toronto @ Alan Aspuru-Guzik's group, 2023 - Present

  • MSc. in Physics at the University of British Columbia @ Robert Raussendorf's group, 2021-2023

  • Visiting graduate student at Simon Fraser University, 2022

  • BSc. in Physics and Mathematics at Universidad de Los Andes, 2016 - 2021

Previous work

Here you can find some of my previous work. This includes both academic and random side projects.


  • Measurement-based quantum machine learning (Master's thesis, 2023) >> Link

  • MentPy: A python package for simulating and training QML models in the MBQC framework. (Software, 2023) >> Link

  • Holographic quantum error-correcting codes (Bachelor's thesis, 2021) >> Link

  • Deep Q-learning (Bachelor's thesis, 2021) >> Link

  • Equilibria and bifurcations of an elastic ring with interacting particles (Summer project, 2020) >> Link


  • RA & TA at UofT / UBC / Uniandes (> 6 yr.)

  • In dependent consultant in quantum computing and machine learning (> 1 yr.)

  • Intern at Xanadu in the architecture team (4 mo.)

  • Summer researcher at Cornell with Dr. Andy Borum (4 mo.)

Random Projects

  • Quantum Dolphin: A ChatGPT plugin to obtain information about quantum computing papers. Tech stack: MongoDB and Heroku.

  • Legalmatic: A tool for creation of legal documents in Colombia. Tech stack: Nextjs, Firebase hosted on Vercel and Heroku.

  • Zketch: A tool for transforming hand sketches into nice renderings. Tech stack: AWS, Bubble, Stripe.

  • CoolPy: Educational python videos.

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